Christmas Accompaniments Selection Pack


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We’ll add the scrumptious detail so you can relax and enjoy any add-on you like. Choose four from A and four from B:

Gravy 400ml

Cranberry Herb Gravy 400ml

Hollandaise Sauce 200ml

Coconut Whipped Cream 200g

Raspberry Couli 200g

Carrot Lox with Capers 180g

Antipasti in Sunflower Oil 200g

Hummus 200g

2 Packets Large Plain/Flavoured Rice Crackers

2 Packets of Small Seeded Crackers (GF)


Fresh Pesto 200g

Tricolori Cashew Cream Cheese *

Passionfruit Curd 300g

Coconut Whipped cream 400g

Hollandaise Sauce 400ml

Middle Eastern Roast Cauli Dip 300g

5 Marinated Shrimp w/ Chermoula Butter

1 Aged Cashew Cheese

Smoked Chickun Sausage 200g


* Olive, sundried tomato and pesto cheese layers

** We recommend adding glass jar $2 for sustainability and presentation