Vegan Dinners at Kaiaroha


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April 1st Dinner

Where we are


At Kaiaroha we are navigating the Red setting under the traffic light system in cooperation with our wonderful customers and, in honour of our core values, we want to offer our services to everyone. In this spirit we are delighted to have partnered with Rewilding Aotearoa to be able to offer these dinner gatherings! We hope to continue extending this offering to the widest possible cross-section of our community, and bring the greatest possible benefit to people and animals. So stay tuned!


Accessibility Information

The Kaiaroha venue is wheelchair accessible. Currently during Red and Orange traffic light settings our bathroom is available to those with accessibility needs and parents of small children, and we ask that everyone else use the bathroom provided by The Rise (the building Kaiaroha is situated within), which will be available during these gatherings.


April 1st Dinner

PAST: March 18 Dinner


PAST: March 4th Dinner

Due to demand, Rewilding Aotearoa are going ahead with scheduling their next gathering for the Friday 4th of March! Email for information or to join.



PAST: Vegan Valentines Dinner

Rewilding Aotearoa will run a special Vegan Valentines Dinner on Monday 14th February at Kaiaroha. Please email them at for more info or to join.



Where We Are

The Rise
100 Parnell Rd
Parnell, Auckland
(entrance on Garfield Street)