Our Focus


We support the Health of individuals, animals and the planet through offering a range of food to suit your particular needs...always vegan, always made with care by our team.

Why Vegan? The science has spoken and its becoming clear that the Agriculture and Fishing Industries are the big contributors to many of the issues facing our Planet and Biodiversity (including us).

From pollution of our rivers and deforestation of the land with associated biodiversity loss, to nitrate load, climate gases eg methane production and the unsustainable use of resources for example the use of 'dirty coal' and PKE etc. But also the amount of resources per kg of food produced is an issue, as is diverting grain into livestock feed shipped to the West that might otherwise feed populations who are at risk of starvation in those countries.

A number of great documentaries are helping to bring environmental issues related to meat eating into greater awareness, including 'Cowspiracy' and more recently 'Seaspiracy' and 'Eating our way to extinction'.  Highlighting some of the issues around the damage that our fishing practices in particular are doing to marine life which in turn has a massive impact on our global carbon footprint.

We also acknowledge the rights of Sentient Beings to live protected, meaningful lives with freedoms and choices and we support endeavours that advance these such as the work of Sanctuaries.

There is a growing understanding of the common ground in traditional Maori world view/ Indigenous perspectives and Vegan perspectives. To find out more we recommend checking out this beautiful resource:



Optimal for Health

An organic vegan wholefood diet is widely regarded as Optimal For Health but even a standard vegan diet has consistently outperformed vegetarian and meat containing diets in all independant, large scale studies (see wwww.pcrm.org). It is now recognised that many diseases can be reversed through change to a plantbased diet (see Dr Neil Bernards book 'Reversing diabetes' and Dr Gregors book 'How not to die').

These are all factors that have contributed year after year to the rise in numbers of people eating vegan food.

Organics are a key part of this picture because they are better for personal health but also sustain biodiversity and reduce toxic load effects that impact everyone. We are working on a plan to incorporate more organics however there are significant challenges in this field for us. As we are able to find practical solutions we will implement them.

Where it was possible we chose organic. Our bread, coffee, drinks and other suppliers are mostly/ fully organic as are our in-store zero-waste, veganic produce boxes (a long life watering system) and many other ingredients. However we do not claim to supply organic food, as this is currently unachievable for us.

Instead we support our Local Parnell Farmers Market as much as possible (we have been there for aprox 8 out of the last 10 years) its great for us but we are also aware this provides revenue creating opportunities for local organic growers...who are essential to growing the organic scene in NZ.



All our packaging is biodegradable (typically home compostable) and as eco-friendly as possible. This is an area of rapid change and we are always seeking to make improvements here as the technology improves and better options become available.

We are 100% zero-waste friendly...this means ANYTHING we make, you can take home in an appropriately sized, clean container that you supply. We love supporting your efforts to be zero-waste and are making efforts in this area too. Our friendly team are trained and ready to help, so please do bring your containers.


Cheer for Good

We celebrate others successes and efforts for good. We support initiatives such as Foodprint to reduce food waste because we value their efforts and ideals and love being able to feed our community more affordably.


Carbon footprint and energy use

In reality none of our food waste goes to landfill because of several in-house initiatives which mean we have very little waste. Our building also has comprehensive Waste Solutions such as composting, worm farming, soft plastic recycling etc.

The Rise building, where we are situated in Parnell is NZ's first 6 Greenstar building (the highest commercial rating possible) and has quite a number of innovative features including grey water recycling, car stacker, solar panels etc which help us further reduce our carbon footprint and general impact on our environment. We are really happy to be part of this groundbreaking project.

There is a growing understanding that increasing Energy Use and the constant drive to 'grow' associated with economic systems and policies is unsustainable. We are looking at practical ways to 'shorten the chain', bring about learning and find practical solutions in this area. We do not subscribe to the old model of growth and competition.

Our Team

We invest a lot in training for both Staff and Managers, to improve working relationships and job satisfaction. We are committed to our Team! Hospo can be really difficult, hard work but it is also very rewarding. We are proud to say that last year all of our full time staff were on Living wages and we are on target to achieve this again.



Our Team are brilliant! We are a diverse bunch, and always have been. All ages, ethnicities, religious ideologies, cultures, sexes and different orientations are welcome. Equality is what we are about, we believe in mutual respect and finding practical ways to solve real issues and work together fairly. We are all stronger supporting each other.

Diversity reporting 1st October 2020:

Gender representation; 

60% female 40% male

4 Ethnically diverse cultures/ at least 3 different religiously diverse groups and at least 3 continents represented in our small team. LGBTQ friendly. Likely 50 years age difference through our team (youngest to oldest).

Management 100% female.


Community Projects

If you have a community project you think aligns with our values and intentions that you want collaboration or support with, please do get in touch- we cant undertake all of them due to time constraints but we are actively interested in supporting our community.