Kaiaroha love catering!

Whether your event is big or small, fancy or low key we have great options to tailor-make a plan for you or packages that are perfect for easy ordering.

  • Cakes
  • Hot nutritious Meals/ Salads
  • Sandwhiches, wraps and rolls
  • Canapes
  • Grazing Tables and Platter boxes
  • Whole Quiches/Bakes/Cheesecakes/ Lasagnes etc
  • Centrepeices eg Chickun Roasts/ Vegan Hams/ Artisan Nut Cheese Wheels

Our experienced team can set up your Grazing Table or create beautiful platter boxes of fresh, Artisan Vegan delicacies to your specification or just select our standard and impress your team with a great selection of healthy inclusive options that are in alignment with your sustainability goals.

We deliver to local businesses.

Kaiaroha Baked Cheesecake