About Kaiaroha Vegan Deli & Eatery

We create and serve delicious, innovative vegan food. Most the time we are too busy getting on with it...

But sometimes just a little navel-gazing is required...here it is:

Our World View is one of Interconnectedness. This is very much in harmony with Indigenous cultures generally and in particular the Maori world view of Papatuanuku, including the spiritual element and our role as caretakers. We have not followed the trends to arrive at this, but rather the world has moved closer to what we and others have been doing since 2011 and before -when we started as 'Kaiaroha' with the blessing of local Kaumatua from the Ratana Church, who suggested this combination of the Te Reo words 'Kai' and 'Aroha 'together. We acknowledge a responsibility to uphold these values (as described) and welcome collaboration with Tangata Whenua.

Aroha is at the heart of what we do.

Aroha in thought becomes Compassion and enacted becomes Care and Respect. Veganism is like a distillation of this. These are our Core Values.

We understand that sometimes it takes time to see the full picture of harm being inflicted on Paptuanuku through many of our Industrialised Food systems- particularly Agriculture and Fishing, and to evaluate and to change personal habits. We do our best to support you in this through making inspirational, delicious food, running events and courses and providing service that shows we care and welcome you.

Aroha to us means Vegan.

In this imperfect world we aim to express this Aroha very practically and within traditional business systems and structures hoping to contribute to our Community, Society and Planet positively. As with all businesses we have challenges but as a team we approach matters with respect and care for each other, learn and grow together and take the time when possible to reflect and improve. Read about some of what we're doing.

Having Ideals and positive goals are reasons to celebrate! We invite you to celebrate with us as we tick them off the list... and we will be cheering you on in your positive efforts too!  Falling down, failing and learning are part of the human condition. Supporting honestly, peacefully and with compassion is how we grow strong together. This is our Code.

We introduced nut cheeses into NZ in 2011 and ran 'The Vegan Deli' stalls across Auckland when anything 'vegan' was largely unsupported and have weathered the storm of public opinion as it shifts and comes to understand better why we do what we do.

As a small business in a difficult sector particularly impacted by Covid-19 Lockdowns, we do our best to keep making improvements. We know our forthright communication can be a little challenging, we respectfully ask that any concerns or questions be sent to us directly to answer in person.

We feel very blessed to be able to serve our Community and are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us in this over the years. We have met so many amazing, compassionate people and would like you to know you are in our hearts. Thank you.